HACCP Training / HACCP Consultancy

Food Safety Consultants Ltd specialises in delivering HACCP courses made specific to your food business. Auditors (on behalf of retailers, customers and certification bodies) conducting second and third party audits to food businesses obtain their information typically in three key ways.

  1. Reviewing documentation, policies and procedures.
  2. Observing staff as they carry out their tasks.
  3. Asking staff questions.

Asking staff questions is the most efficient way for an auditor to establish knowledge of food safety within a business. It is reasonable for auditors to expect staff to know the relevant hazards associated with their specific jobs and how they are controlled. They would also expect key staff to be familiar with the concept of risk. Auditors expect staff to be able to converse with them about food safety. This interaction provides the foundation for a successful audit from a retailer, customer or certification body.

On completion of this course delegates will have a greater understanding of the following areas:

The course on offer will help delegates further their understanding of HACCP and improve their confidence when dealing with auditors or the competents authority such as the Dept. of Agriculture or the HSE (Environmental Health Officers). The aim is to take the fear factor out of HACCP and remove the idea that it is a daunting subject.

The areas covered on the HACCP training course include:

  • Common stages and common terms associated with a HACCP system.
  • Be able to co-ordinate the work of a HACCP team.
  • Developing the key 15 pre-requisites based on ISO 22002:2009.
  • Introduction to Food Safety Culture.
  • Be able to undertake a HACCP study and develop a HACCP plan based on risk assessment.
  • Risk Management Life cycle.
  • Food Safety Culture.
  • Implement a HACCP plan and verify its effects
  • Understand Food Safety and Quality standards relevant to your business including the relevant BRC Global standards, FSSC 22000 and Irish standards for Hygiene in Catering and Retail (IS 340 & 341).
  • The seven principles of HACCP/12 Codex steps as outlined in ISO 22000:2018.
  • This course also covers FSMA and HARPC requirements.

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