Food Defence, biovigilance and bioterrorism

While a Food Safety Management System (typically based on the HACCP principles) protects a food business from accidental contamination and allows a food business to identify what could go wrong, the HACCP system is not designed to protect from deliberate attacks within a food business.

Food defence helps a food business to improve the resilience of its supply chains to fraud and other deliberate attacks.

Food Defence Site evaluations:

Food Safety Consultants Ltd can offer a full Food Defence assessment of your site.

This assessment will cover all areas of your site including

Supply chain vulnerability assessment
Outside site security
Inside site security
Site food processing security
Site and external storage security
Goods in security
Utility (including water) security
Personnel security

Based on the above assessment a bespoke Food Defence plan will be developed for your business.

Food Defence Training:

Food Safety Consultants Ltd offer training courses in Food Defence. The Objectives and Contents of this training are detailed below.


Be familiar with the various forms of threat to a Food Business Operation.
Understand the TACCP/VACCP process and how a TACCP/VACCP study is undertaken Understand how to assess and risk assess the threat.
Be able to identify control measures for security, premises, personnel, materials and processes.
Be able to establish contingency plans for recovery from attack.
Be able to audit and review food defence procedures.


  • Review of ISO 22002:2009.
  • 15th PRP, Biovigilance, Biodefence and Bioterrorism.
  • Pas 96 Defending Food & Drink and associated terms and definitions.
  • Types of Threat.
  • Understanding the Attacker and their motivation.
  • Threat Assessment Critical Control Point “TACCP”.
  • Aims of TACCP.
  • TACCP Process (15 steps).
  • Assessing the threat.
  • Workshop Case Study.
  • Critical Controls.
  • Response to an Incident.
  • Review of food protection arrangement.

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