Food Allergen Control and Management Training

It is estimated that undeclared allergens account for 40% of all food recalls globally. It appears that the human population is becoming more sensitized to food allergens. Food allergen control if not adhered to in manufacturing, packing, catering or retail businesses can result in a significant food safety hazard that could be potentially fatal to sensitised consumers.

This training course is designed to help you better understand how to manage allergens within the food sector you work in.

Food allergens are yet another hazard group that need to be carefully managed throughout your process alongside all the other food hazard groups that manufacturers, caterers or retailers have to deal with.

On completion of this course delegates will have a greater understanding of the following areas:

  • Allergen legislation / labelling.
  • Allergy reactions Food allergy Vs Food intolerance.
  • BRC –Allergen requirements
  • Allergen Risk Assessment Processes
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Validation of Cleaning Programmes
  • May Contain” labelling guidelines
  • Ten point allergen improvement plan
  • Course Review / Evaluation

Course duration: One day.

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