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Food Safety and HACCP Consultancy / HACCP Training

Food Safety Consultants Ltd specialises in tailor made HACCP courses made specific to your food business. Auditors conducting second and third party audits to food business establishments expect staff on the factory floor to know the relevant hazards associated with their specific jobs and how they are controlled. They expect staff to be able to converse with them on the floor in relation to HACCP and how it is implemented practically by the team on site. This interaction provides the foundation for a successful audit from a retailer, customer or certification body.

The HACCP courses offered by Food Safety Consultants focus on how HACCP can be most effectively implemented in food business establishments across all sectors including manufacturing, catering and retail operations.

The courses on offer will help delegates further their understanding of HACCP and improve their confidence when dealing with auditors or Environmental Health Officers in what may have initially appeared to be a daunting subject.

On completion of this course delegates will have a greater understanding of the following areas:

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